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Monday, February 3, 2014

Bobcats first win since 2009, Ohio High School State Rankings Fed 3 2014

It has been since 2009 that the Bowling Green Bobcats tallied a conference W against Sylvania Northview.  This was a solid weekend for the Bobcats, and we love it here at Scouting Ohio High School Hockey when teams that are supposed to win.  Sure some of those wins are closer contests than  are expected, but winning is the key.  The foundation of sucess, and illustrates a winning culture.  That is exactly what the Bobcats have going.  Saturday the Bobcats took a 2-1 OT victory over Sylvania Northview.  It took OT to do it, sure, but the Bobcats got it done.  The first two periods were tit for tat.  Which illustrates just how much Sylvania has risen with all  of the delayed games.  Further illustrates how much to the Bobcats they have developed, and how much more is needed.   The Bobcats response to the victory?  Another W on Sunday.  This time over Shaker Heights.  While Shaker is a very different team than the team that won states last year, they still have some potency.  Not enough to give solid teams to much headache, as long as they focus, and just play.  Which is what BG did as they played to a 2-1 victory.   The Road for Bowling Green now advances to the Tuesday the 4th, 7pm when the Trojans come to town.  Findlay is another team that has had time, and will play hard, I look for BG to win, and BG needs to Win.  Three days later, Bowling Green and Findlay play in findlay.  Another Game BG needs to win.Which takes us to Rocky River.  Rocky River has tied, and just recently beaten Shaker to earn that top spot.  I still hold to the fact that with Shaker having been throttled by every team in the Great Lakes, and Rocky River for that matter that neither of these teams are real factor in legit post season play.
U.S toppled Holy Name 4-1 on the first then pounded St. Ignatius in to an over time submission to take first place in the Great Lakes League.  Early favorite Lake Catholic and the Rebel Okicki Brothers have been on hard times, after doing hard time, just having been the recipients of a good ole fashioned ass whoop.  At the back hand of Gilmour. 

Ohio High School Hockey State Rankings February 3rd 2014

1. Toledo St. Johns
2. St. Ignatius
2. U.S (+2)

4.Walsh Jesuit
5. Bowling Green (+1)
6. Lake Catholic (-3)
7. St. Charles (+1)
8. Toledo St. Francis(-1)
9. Holy Name
10. Olentangy Orange