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Friday, February 21, 2014

So tired of over priced beer league hockey

The use of pros, in the Olympics needs to end.  These guys play with no heart.  How do we know?  The absent schedule leading up to the games, the zero commitment by these guys when it comes to representing their Nation.  If they had a heart, and an ounce of respect, they would be willing to play 30-50 games schedule leading in to the games. 
No I do not care if other Nations elect to play their pros.  Ours are candy assed, paycheck players.  Give us back the boys, boys with heart and soul, a real desire to win, and passion for the game.
Id rather the USA u20 world jr team loos 5-1 to Canada's pros, than see this shit show.  A shit show with 1/82 the intensity of an NHL preseason game.
Instead of the Olympics, they should call the 4 year yawn fest.