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Friday, February 7, 2014

Cleveland Bracketology, Holy Name & Lake

Decipher the code!

Decipher the code!
The Kent and Brooklyn Brackets are out today as well, and not anything like the Johan Sylvania bracket thank god.
With out too much drival, this is clear cut a Holy Name Vs Ignatius final.  The only way those two teams do not make this District final is if they beat themselves and look past an opponent, as the other teams really honestly do not match up.  Rockey River should walk to the semi, where Ignatius will slam the door in their faces.  Holy Names Hurdle could be St Eds, but Im thinking Parma makes the semi's.  Any way the best two teams in this bracket are Holy Name and St. Ignatius, they are #1 and #2 for a reason.  the won the games and earned it.  I am going with Holy Name in ot to make States.
Now Kent is far more exciting!If Kent were Sylvania, Gilmour would have a bye to final, lol.  But they were not having a cup of Johan here either.  So what we have here are several players.  Walsh as the top team who will face lake Catholic in the district quarter finals on the bottom half.  The upper will see Gilmour and U.S in the quarters.   I like this and here is why.  Gimour and U.S just plain hate each other.  Im going with US to the district finals.
 Lake Catholic and Walsh  wow.  I am going to presume that Lake Catholic gets back on track and we will know of that is the case or not tomorrow night.  Facts are Lake and Walsh tied at 3 mid season and Walsh won the last contest 4-3 in OT a week ago.  I am going with Lake.   I like these kids, they battle hard and to win and its their time.
Lake vs US final.  Lake beat US early in teh season 6-0.   It would not be route by any stretch as U.S is playing their best hockey right now, and its hard to not give them the nod, but Im going with Lake as I have all year!