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Friday, February 7, 2014


Love that word.  When people say you are living up to your potential, or exceeding your potential.  Hate that word, when people say you are not living up to your potential.

What we have this weekend, is a lot of POTENTIAL.

Bowling Green Travels to Findlay tonight for another heated battle.  The Bobcats eked out past the Trojans three days ago, and are looking to win on the road, in a hostile environment.  The Bobcats are road warriors for the rest of the season, including play off play, which excludes the BGSU ice arena. A win over Findlay tonight moves the Bobcats to 4-3-0 on the season and tied with St. Francis for second place in the league. 

Bowling Green travels to Sylvania on Saturday night to take on the Wildcats.  Oh yes its a a cat fight folks, but leave the chicks at home!  The boys will be battling, hard and furiously.   Sylvania brought the body, and their foot on the floor in Bowling Green.  But the Bobcats dispatched them.  Took every hit, and delt out their and found the twine more to win.   This is a game of more than that.  This about the Wildcats clinging to position mid pack and about BG establishing their resurgence.  Should the Bobcats win on the road, at a hostile Tamoshanter, it would be the first time in a decade that BGHS has swept the Wildcats in Regular season play.  A Bobcat win takes the Bobcats to First place in league standings with a 5-3 record and 10 pts.  Where if St. Francis were down the Titians in their final game on Valentines Day ( The St. Valentines day massacre a great movie!)  and if Findlay beat St. Johns the final standing for the NHC would look like this
1.  Bowling Green  10 pts
1. St Francis        10 pts
3. St. Johns      9 pts
4. Findlay        8pts
5. Northview 6pts
where BG and St. Francis would like come to GF Ga as a play off makes to much fun sense!  Which would also take us to the seeding for the NHC where the 3rd place team and last both had first round byes.....Point being  " Fellas in charge.  Seeding a tourney is not that hard.  Play all the damn games first.  Should you be locked in with this hard point all the fucking league games before then.  Its really not rocket science."
But we are really looking at
1. Toledo St. Johns  13 Pts
2. Bowling Green 10
3. St Francis 8
4. NV   6
5. Findlay 3

Now for the NV faithful.  Its very possible to win Saturday.  BG is not unbeatable.  The physical game plan was effective, and darn near paid off.  To win youve got birng it again, get a few more pucks to the net.  That happens the Wildcats fall from grace halts at 2nd...a 3 way tie for second cool is that!  The tie breakers I am sure if you use a raw goals for goes NV's way, so 2nd is a lock.  if you use game differentials and get creative there is no telling.  I personally would like to see a round robin. one game each, total goals.  lets see how crazy, it gets.
 IT was 2003 when Bowling Green earned the #1 seed over #2 Sylvania Northview.  BG went to states and lost to St. Edward 5-3 in the semi finals and U.S went on to victory that year.  It has been a decade for the Bobcats.  Is this the year?
Id expect to see lots of fans, loud supportive fans at each venue moving forward!