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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bobcats extend league win streak to 3, 14-9-1 over all

It was a hot one in Bowling Green, as the Bobcats and Trojans played a rescheduled game.  The Trojans are in  rebuilding and are just behind the rest of league by a couple bodies.  That did not stop the Trojans from bringing as did Northview a very physical game, that found the Trojans rewarded, ending the first up 2-1.   How physical was the play?  18 penalty's and 8 PP situations over all.  The Second period the Bobcats tilted the ice, and tally 3 goals, and shoved the physical play right back at the Trojans, in a game where there is NO love loss.  The Bobcats garner a 4-2 lead at the end of the second.  The Third ends in a 5-5 tie after findlay had battled back to knot the game at 4 a side.  BG found the net on another DeWitt goal for his third point of the night.  Findlay the scores inside the final ticks of the clock to tie her up.  The games OT did not last long.  13seconds in fact was they played.  THe pulled goalie worked for the trojans in the they kept him out for ot and that was all she wrote Rich for the goal.  Findlay was 3-4 on the PP and its fair to say the Trojans will be a BIG factor next year, and look to be strong enough to topple any team, especially if they let them in the game, as BG did tonight.

The Bobcats are now at that Magic 500 3-3

Toledo St Johns 6 games played    4 W  1 L 1 T   27 GF    14 GA
Toledo St Francis 7 games            4w      3L         17GF      21 ga
Bowling Green     6 games            3 w     3L        16GF      19GA
Sylvania North     7 games            3w      4 L        20 GF    24 GA
Findlay                 6games             1w      4L  1T   16GF     18GA

District meeting is scheduled for tonight
Expect to see as a likely look

Toledo St Johns     Sylvania   Perrysburg   Maumee

Toledo St francis      BG    Findlay    Southview  Anthonywayne