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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Final Count Down, a blast from 30 years ago.

Two Quarter finals are played tonight at Kent State.  U.S vs Kent Rosevlet, will be a blow out for U.S, in one of those games the state in their infinite wisdom, has top teams playing total dusters, in a waste of time, money and player development.  The other game holds upset potential, but slim.  Gilmour vs Hudson.  Hudson should not be able to win this game, but it will be close 4-2

St. Eds is waiting patiently for Holy Name the grand inquisitors to torture Avon, who will likely cry for mercy.  Rocky River is still waiting for their Dominatrix St. Ignatius to dismember Lakewood. 

Tonight Toledo St Johns and their 106 goals for, 55 goals against play Toledo St. Francis 72 goals for and 56 goals against.  This the first Semifinal in Sylvania starts at 7pm.   A St Francis win would make for the first upset of the playoffs.  The keys to a St Francis win are to hang around the whole game.  Clog up St Johns offense and attack in the lanes as they open up, capitalizing on mistakes and keep the pace slow.  St. Johns on the other hand needs to role their lines, drive up the pace, finish every hit, punishing St. Francis few offensive threats when ever they have the puck.  St. Francis can not play 3 periods with Toledo St. Johns, when the Titans play their game.  I see the Titans looking to make a play off statement against their rivals.  7-3 final St Johns