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Friday, February 7, 2014

Sylvania bracket...a game of wheres Johan? was played

The Sylvania OHSSA bracket was derived lastnight.
 Toledo St Johns obviously earned the top spot, but what is bewildering is how 4th place, of the 5 team red division teams earned a bye???  In what is the most bizarre and poorly sheparded after thought sport in Ohio. Things are only getting weirder.  I think the bacteriologist were all enjoying a cup of Johan, at that meeting...or Bogarting a big fatty.

So with 4th place Sylvania Northview, earning what every 4th place tournament team does...a first round Bye  ( I wonder why Southview or Perrysburg did not earn first round byes, they have been winning games?)  Oh well.

The first round has
2/13/2014 games of
Sylvania Southview vs Toledo Whitmer 18:00hrs

Toeldo St Francis (2)vs Springfield  20:00hrs

Findlay (5)vs Freemont 18:00hrs

Bowling Green(3) Vs Ottawa Hills  20:00hrs

Maumee Vs Perrysburg 18:30 hrs

Clay Vs White House  20:30

Safe to assume the second round will see, under these brilliant bracket...

Southview vs Toledo St. johns(1) 20:00hrs

2/18/2014 18:00
Toledo St. Francis (2) vs Findlay (5)

2/18/2014 20:00
Bowling Green(3) Vs Perrysburg

Johan -syl (4)Vs Anthony Wayne

2/21/2014 19:00
Toledo St. Johns vs St. Francis

2/22/2014 1930
Bowling Green (3) vs Johan-Syl

District Final
3/1/2014 19:00
Toledo St Johns Vs Bowling Green