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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kent finalized tonight

The politically correct Ohio HS Everyone's a winner bracket gets set tonight.  University School is in, and will play the winner of Walsh Vs Lake Catholic.
Brooklyn is down to St. Ignatius Vs Rocky River, in the no way in hell does Rocky River win bracket  VS the winner of Holy Name Vs St Ed's.  Holy Name should be playing Ignatius in this final on 3-1-14
Olentangy Orange Vs St. Charles down in Cbus.  Still liking the Cardinals in this one.

In Sylvania we had an upset where 4th place Sylvania Northview upset the Bowling Green Bobcats 3-0.  This was clearly a case of Bowling Greens youth catching up to them.  Bundles of nerves as they faced down a team of district veterans, with a strong culture of success in years past, who won a game that matters.  They now face district finals foe's the Titans.  Titans who seem to play to not loose in big games, big games that always seem to be an historic problem for Mike Hayes.  To coach Hayes and the Titans I say, play opposite.  When you say play controlled, actually play wide open, unleash this beast of team thats been holding back all year. .....I say Northview's zombie cats have a blood lust, dare I say your feature presentation will be a remake of the classic, DAWN OF THE DEAD- Zombie Cats in OT
maybe a titans mercy
if the same NASCAR style rules and provisional's apply, that anointed the 4th places Cats the second seed, they may start the game with a 3-0 lead and the Titans two men in the box.  OHHHHHH io HS hockey and its wacky rules.