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Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Action across Ohio, Final State Rankings for 2013-2014.


The Bowling Green Bobcats traveled south to Findlay Ohio, and downed the Trojans 4-2.  The Bobcats came off of that sweep, and faced off then at Tamoshanter.  Playing against the Sylvania Northview Wildcats.   It was a cat fight.  A very different game than their last meeting, which was one of the most physical games all year.  This match was like watching chess or boxers feel each other out with calculated moves, and planing for combinations, always fearful of opening up and exposing themselves.  At the end with Sylvania's goalie Marsh off the ice, for the extra attacker, the wildcats nearly tied it.  But the win, and the season sweep went to the now NHC first place Bobcats.  This trip first is likely temporary, as the Titans have two games remaining.  Where by if, both Findlay and the Knights defeat the Titans, BG and St. Francis are tied for first.   Again unlikely, but always possible.  What is likely is that St. Johns advances to 13 points and holds first, a head of Bowling Green in 2nd with with, 10 followed by the Knights at 8.  Which brings me to this, if the NHC  was operating to ensure the best interest of hockey players, teams and families.  He would ensure all league play was completed before the seeding draw.  Its really not difficult to accomplish this, and ensure the teams that earned it,  get their 1st round byes and proper credit, where credit is due.  This is not NASCAR, and if it were BOwling Green would still have more past Champions points than Northview.  Far easier to move the regular season games, so that they end in mid January, with team having further out of conference schedules in late January and February.  As with most things in screw logic, and common sense right?  Turn up the crazy.

Ignatius WIN

St. Ignatius took care of their business, and showed what a winning culture can do.  Beating a hard surging Walsh team by the score of 3-2.  St. Ignatius went on to Sunday, to then beat U.S. 4-2 in a commanding victory.  The St. Ignatius Wildcats are primed, pumped and historically prepaired to battle for a state title

Holy Name collapsed dead of heart attack in front of Padua.  Who skated in and out and around the dead bodies to win 5-2 in the most embarassing game of the weekend.

Lake Catholic is still searching for that early stride, but has a dull edge and the OT losses keep piling up loosing to U.S 3-2.

Capital Conference
St. Charles wins the Blue Jacket Cup
Olentangy Liberty lost a heavily out shot 1-0 thriller to Dublin Jerome, on Friday.  St Charles downed Olentangy Orange 3-2.  Then the Cardinals went on to beat Dublin Jerome 2-1.  St. Charles is and has been rolling all season.  They are charging into a State Title run.  St. Charles will likely face Olentangy Liberty on Feb 23.  Liberty is not built to win a high scoring game, but with Cam Perry in net, Liberty may only need to net one goal, to launch themselves to the Columbus District finals, in the top bracket.  Orange and Jerome are left to slug it out in the lower bracket.  Where I fully anticipate Orange to take the day.  Still fully expecting St. Charles to make state semi from here. 

Final State Rankings for the 2013-2014 season.
1. Toledo St. Johns
2. St. Ignatius (+2)
3. Bowling Green (+1)
4. Walsh (-1)
5. U.S. (-3)
6.  St. Charles (+1)
7. Toledo St. Francis (-1)
8. Lake Catholic
9. Holy Name
10 Olentangy Orange