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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Clevland Action and Walshes march on ward to Victory, Blue Jacket Cup, State Rankings

1. Toledo St. Johns
2. St. Ignatius
2. U.S (+2)

4.Walsh Jesuit
5. Bowling Green (+1)
6. Lake Catholic (-3)
7. St. Charles (+1)
8. Toledo St. Francis(-1)
9. Holy Name
10. Olentangy Orange

those were the latest rankings.  Monday in fact.

Here is what has happend.
Toledo St. Johns is still the number one team.  With Walsh Jesuits win yesterday over St. Edwards, there has been a shuffling atop this list.  As you know this likely going to happen considering Walsh is #1 in the GLHL standings, and have been steadly climbing here. 
The New rankings look like this

1. Toledo St. Johns
2. U.S  (+1)
3. Walsh Jesuit (+2)
4. Bowling Green (+1)
5. St Ignatius (-3)
6. Toledo St. Francis (+2)
7. St. Charles
8. Lake Catholic (-2)
9. Holy Name
10. Olentangy Orange

Holy Name and Lake Catholic play tonight.  Lake with a win will stop their slide but the parity between 8-9 is not enough to propell Lake up over 7th.  St. Ignatius plays Gilmour tonight.  Another loss for St. Ignatius opens the door for St. Francis and St. Charles to leap frog them, and St Charles to leap frog St. Francis by the smallest of margins.

The Blue Jacket Cup brackets are set
Round one
1 Orange vs 8 Waterson, Orange will take this game
4 Coffman vs 5 St Charles   St. Charles in a 5-3 contest
3 Liberty vs 6Upper Arlington  Liberty has strugled with scoring but will win this game on goaltending
2 Jerome Vs 7 DeSales   Jerome

Round Two looks to
1 orange vs 5 St Charles
3 liberty vs 2 Jerome

final St Charles Vs Jerome
St Charles